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Nordic Nomad Grab Bag

Nordic Nomad Grab Bag

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The Nordic Nomad, the perfect selection to accompany you on your next adventure. All the chews in this bag have been hand picked to provide a variety of natural treats to satisfy those nomadic adventure dogs. Longer lasting chews for keeping your dog occupied whilst you stop to take in a view, enjoy a wild swim or dip in the hot tub, drinks around the fire pit at your cabin or wild camp at an over night spot. Wherever you go on your travels your dog will appreciate this bag of 100% natural Nordic chews. Containing no flavours, colours or preservatives. These bags are resealable meaning they can be refilled and used again for your next adventure. 

The Nordic Nomad Contains:  
1 x Wild Reindeer Antler   
1 x Wild Hare Ear    
2 x Wild Wolffish Skin   
3 x Wild Reindeer Rib 
1 x Wild Moose Hide

Storage: Please keep in a dry and cool place away from any direct sunlight.

Always supervise your dog with treats and please ensure your dog always has fresh water available. 

Not suitable for human consumption.

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